Get Outside!Join us at our 34-acre field!

Daily Saturday Gameplay

$15 to Play All Day! $40/person with rental equipment, parties and group rates available.

Airsoft Battlepark is a 34 acre field located at 4031 Mineral Springs Rd, Graham NC 27253. We host open play games every Saturday of the year.

What is airsoft? Airsoft is akin to paintball, in that we gear up and shoot each other with fake guns.

For the Battlepark Ruleset, click here. For the required waiver, download it here. .

Check in starts at 9:30am. Field closes at 5:00PM, unless we have a night game.

Birthday parties and group rates available. Please contact for information and pricing..

Airsoft Battlepark

What to bring And what we do

From veterans of the game, to new players getting into it, Airsoft Battlepark has something for everyone.

Unlike paintball, most of our game types utilize a respawn rule. When you are hit, simply return to your respawn point, tap in, and get back into the game. This allows participants to spend more time playing and less time waiting for the next game. This also allows for longer, and more dynamic game types. Game types can range from Attack and Defend, Demolition, Domination, Rescue the Pilot, Capture the Flag, and more!

The staff at Battlepark strive to bring an enjoyable and safe gameplay experience to all players. Parents can have the peace of mind that the staff are certified in CPR, and enforce wholesome safe gameplay.

Getting into the game is very simple. You cans show up with nothing, and we will have everything you need to get in the game. Check in starts at 9:30am. If a participant is under the age of 18, their parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver of liability. Over the age of 18 must also sign a waiver of liability. After the waiver is signed, simply purchase admission(s), and rent any gear required. We have variety of rental guns to choose from, as well as face protection. After participants are geared up, there is a safety briefing where the rules are explained, followed by having the teams arranged. The game type will then be explained, as well as where each team will respawn. Afterwards the teams take the field and play!

On a normal game day, 4-5 different games will be played. Most game types run at least 30 minutes, so make sure you bring plenty of ammunition and battery packs. There are concessions and a small pro-shop at the field, however, it is recommended that you bring your own lunch. We play in the rain, heat, and snow, so stay tuned in on our facebook page here